Math Choice board Tablero de Elecciones Matemáticas

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  • Product Code: Math.K.2.B + Math.1.2.F + Math.2.8
  • Grades: Kinder, First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth,
  • Subjects: Math Kinder, Math Grade 1, Math Grade 2, Math Grade 4, Math Grade 3, Math Grade 5,

This Math Choice board will help students get interested in math while playing a fun Tic Tac Toe game. 

Subchapter: Elementary
Chapter: Mathematics
Grade: Kinder
Subject: Math Kinder
Main Categories: Kinder - (2) Number and operations: Represent and compare whole numbers
TEK: Math.K.2.B(B) read, write, and represent whole numbers from 0 to at least 20 with and without objects or pictures;
Subchapter: Elementary
Chapter: Mathematics
Grade: First
Subject: Math Grade 1
Main Categories: Grade 1 - (2) Number and operations: Place value.
TEK: Math.1.2.F(F) order whole numbers up to 120 using place value and open number lines; and
Subchapter: Elementary
Chapter: Mathematics
Grade: Second
Subject: Math Grade 2
Main Categories: Grade 2 - (8) Geometry and measurement: 2D and 3D Shapes
TEK: Math.2.8(8) Geometry and measurement. The student applies mathematical process standards to analyze attributes of two-dimensional shapes and three-dimensional solids to develop generalizations about their properties. The student is expected to:

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